The Veterans Benefits Foundation is registered as a 
South Carolina Charity, 501 (c) 3 NON PROFIT
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Our Mission is to help Veterans find answers to their questions about VA Benefits in a timely manner.

The Veterans Benefits Foundation specializes in simply being your road map for any and all benefits you have available to you. We can help Veterans with needed home repairs, by working with other foundations and companies. As well as our stress relieving programs.

For ALL VA Medical Benefit questions, our Veteran Service Advisers will do our best to assist as much as possible, if we are not able to help you on site we will refer you to a professional resource for follow-on support.  
For our Veterans needs with financial questions we can help Veterans SAVE money. We can do this by referring you to lending institutions that pass a stringent evaluation process and sign a Code of Conduct.  Our referral services generate loan savings which are passed onto the Veteran. 

Frequent topics of discussion include;

  • Higher rating 
  • Agent Orange
  • Handicap ramp for Home
  • Quality of life home repair
  • Benefits you may be entitled to 
  • Death benefits
  • Education Benefits
  • PTSD questions or how to get rated
  • BAH Calculator
  • Health insurance 
  • Dental benefit
  • Clothing allowance (Veterans who wear or use a qualifying prescribed prosthetic or orthopedic appliance and/or prescription medication for a service-connected disability or skin condition may be eligible for an annual clothing)
  • Requirements for Veterans Compensation
  • Assistance during the Veterans Disability Process
  • When your claim has been denied
  • Protection during the VA Appeals process
  • Collecting Veterans Compensation Benefits
  • Zero Percent Ratings
  • Service-Connected Disability and Non-Service Disabilities
  • Employment
  • Financial assistance
  • Hearing Aid assistance
  • Tax information
  • Vocational Rehab
  • Location of records
  • How to get your lost records
  • Frequently used forms <Click here>

Talk to our Benefits Advisers or our  Liaison Officers for more details.

For further information, call 
888-940-8387 (VETS)

The Veterans Benefits Foundation, Inc. is NOT a bank or Lender.  We Do NOT lend money or provide mortgages, and or home loans.  The BF is not the Department of Veterans Affairs or any other Government Agency.This disclaimer is to show true standing with the state of South Carolina and Federal laws to show that the Veterans Benefits Foundation is  an applied for 501c(3) non-profit pending 1023 and we currently are working and operating as a Non-profit with all paperwork filled as such. Due to the time frame it takes for ALL paperwork to be finalized and published.